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Nice to meet you.

Thanks for adding those images to the pages I created, I uploaded one for the filtration pump but failed to embed it in the page properly. If you know of some pages that need worked on I'd be more then happy to knock a few of them out when I get back from lunch. - Cincara (talk) 12:34 PST, 20 March 2013

Density and Happiness

I think I'm going to work on the Density, Happiness, and Wealth pages. They likely wont be complete since I'm at work and cant access the game to verify all my information, but getting something down so I can add to it later seems like a good place to start, especially since those are three somewhat important pages when playing and learning about the game. - Cincara (talk) 14:12 PST, 20 March 2013


Ive been making pages, and sometimes the system creates a nice table of contents at the top of the page as with Patch History, but then other times it does not, as with Density. Why the difference and can I add this manually?


Thanks, I love to help out wherever I can. :)

Also, the power box, you know template:power is lacking the solar plant sign. Is there a way for me to add that? Feel free to delete the table I don't know how to just preview it. Fundevin (talk) 12:50 PST, 4 April 2013

Thanks for moving that I couldn't figrure out how to delete that .. lol

Thank You

Thank you for informing me. i have created and edited linkes to the Elite MegaTower Page you have created. Mr.hugginbottoms