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OmegaCo Factory

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| description = OmegaCo wants to help you make a fortune! Manufacture Omega from [[oil|Crude Oil]] and [[ore|Raw Ore]]. Amass piles of [[Simoleon]]s as you convert factories and shops in your city and the region into OmegaCo franchises!
OmegaCo is the futuristic mega-corporation capable of producing the all-powerful substance [[Omega]]. OmegaCo Factory allows the player to produce Omega. After upgrades from [[OmegaCo HQ]], players will not only be able to produce Drones through the construction of [[Drone Assembly Line]] but also to extract [[oil]] and [[ore]], the ingredients of Omega, more efficiently through the construction of [[Extraction Pod]]s.
*OmegaCo Factory is part of the [[Cities of Tomorrow]] [[DLC|expansion pack]].

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