Coal Mine

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Coal Mine
Coal Mine
cost 22,500

upkeep 100 per hour

requirement • Provide working power

• Provide working water

• Coal under your city

• Have seven industrial buildings

function Coal production rate: 24 tons per day

module Coal Mine Sign,Coal Delivery Truck Garage, Coal Shaft
description It’s time to get your hands dirty—dirty, filthy, and rich. Rip the earth’s coal heart out for profit! Use your coal in a Coal Power Plant, or sell it to local industry or on the global market via a Trade Depot. Employ hordes of low wealth workers deep in your mine. 

Coal Mine extracts coal from underground deposits.


Coal Mine Sign

Coal Mine Sign

Coal Delivery Truck Garage

Coal Delivery Truck Garage increases coal delivery speed from mines to Coal Power Plants, Trade Depots, Trade Ports and local industries.

Coal Shaft

Coal Shaft increases the extraction rate of the Coal Mine.

Augmented Coal Shaft

Augmented Coal Shaft increases the extraction rate of the Coal Mine.

Coal Mine Coal Delivery Truck GarageCoal Shaft
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