Airship Hangar

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Airship Hangar
Airship Hangar
cost §60,000
upkeep §400 per hour
requirement Airship Set DLC
function • Brings medium and high wealth tourists into the city

• Airship capacity: 400 tourists

module Commuter Airship Mooring
description Massive metal balloons full of highly flammable gas... What would go wrong? Float medium and high wealth tourists into your city in massive airships to enjoy everything your city has to offer. Add a Commuter Airship Mooring so commuters can travel to work or shop by airship.

The Airship Hangar brings medium and high wealth tourists to the city through the Tourist Airship. Its tourist capacity is greater than that of Passenger Train Station and Municipal Airport but lesser than that of Cruise Ship Dock. Tourists entering the city through the Tourist Airship Airship do not contribute to an increase in your city's car traffic provided they have adequate and appropriate mass transit placed near the hangar.


  • Commuter Airship Mooring; this transports medium and high-wealth workers and shoppers between two neighboring cities. To transport workers and shoppers between 2 cities, both cities need to have the Commuter Airship Mooring.