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*MediDrone Hangar requires the [[Cities of Tomorrow]] [[DLC|expansion]].

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MediDrone Hangar
MediDrone Hangar
cost §35,000
upkeep §400 per hour
ploppable Hospital
requirement Cities of Tomorrow DLC

Robotics Division of OmegaCo HQ

OmegaCo Drones

function Create MediDrones that heal injured Sims

Drone Capacity: 5

limit 2
description Drones from the OmegaCo Factory are converted into MediDrones as they arrive at the MediDrone Hangar. MediDrones fly to treat injured Sims, but cannot treat sick Sims. MediDrones are disposed after each use to avoid cross-contamination.


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Diagnostic LabSurgical CenterMediDrone Hangar