Garbage Dump

Garbage Dump
Garbage Dump
cost 9,000

upkeep 300 per hour

function collects city's waste
module Service Road, Garbage Truck Garage, Dump Zone, Garbage Incinerator
extra Waste capacity: 40 tons

Ground pollution output: 7,000 ppm per hour

description Sims hate piles of garbage in front of their homes, so dump it all here! Add more garbage trucks to have garbage collected faster.

Garbage dump is the initial solution to your city's waste disposal problems. Garbage dump summons garbage trucks that will pick up your city's trash and consolidate it into one area. Additional Garbage Truck Garages can be constructed to speed up the trash collection process. Garbage dump generates a large amount of Ground Pollution. It should be constructed far away from your residential, commercial "clean" areas such as the Water Tower.