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Air Pollution Map
Wind Data Map
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Air Pollution is generated by some buildings, is effected by the wind, and can negatively impact Health and happiness when it blows across areas where your population works or lives. Over time Air pollution levels in a region can increase and produce a haze that hangs in the air.

  • Wind data map.pngWind data map uses blue arrows to show the direction of the wind blowing over your city. Be sure to construct your dirty buildings at the edge of your city, in the direction of the arrows.


These buildings are the major contributors of air pollution:

Clean Up

As mentioned air pollution flows with the wind, if you remove the source buildings most of it will go away. However there are ways to remove it faster or combat it if you cannot remove the source buildings. If the air pollution seems to randomly appear from an unpolluted part of the city, it is because the air pollution in the region has accumulated to a high level. To combat this use one of these two methods.

  • Trees
  • Nature Parks

Data Maps

Air Pollution Map - shows the location and direction of flow of air pollution along with the buildings that are produces it.

Wind Map - shows the direction of wind in a city.