Fire Station
Large Fire Station

Fires can devastate a booming city. If a burning building is untreated, it will not only burn down but also spread fire to nearby buildings. Fire stations can be built to combat the threat of fire.


Fire Stations

Fire Station

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The fire station sends out fire trucks with fire fighters to the location of fire. Fire fighters will attempt to extinguish the the fire. Additional fire truck garages can be added to combat more fires.

Large Fire Station

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The large fire station provides everything a large city needs for fire suppression and prevention. The Fire Marshal Office module summons a fire marshal who goes around the city and inspects buildings for fire hazard. Inspected buildings are immune to fire for the next few days. The Hazmat Garage calls upon specialized hazmat truck is able to extinguish hazmat fires (green fires) in heavy industrial areas.

Fire Fighting Vehicles

Fire Truck - extinguishes fires

  • It can earn money by putting out fires in neighboring cities.

Hook & Ladder Truck - extinguishes fires faster than a regular fire truck

  • becomes available after building a Large Fire Station.

Hazmat Truck - extinguishes hazmat "green" fires

  • becomes available after adding a Hazmat Garage to a Large Fire Station.

Fire Marshal Truck - prevents fire

  • becomes available after adding a Fire Marshal Office to a Large Fire Station.

Fire Helicopter - extinguishes fires from sky

  • becomes available after adding a Fire Helipad to a Large Fire Station.

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