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Trade Port

Cities specialized in trading buy and sell commodities on the Global Market to generate profit. The key to successful trading is importing resources when their prices are low and exporting them when their prices are high. A Trade Depot must be constructed before the player can start trading. A trade port can be constructed to accelerate the trading processes. A city specialized in trading will have many trucks and cargo ships moving goods into and out of the city.

  • Buy low, sell high is the main principle.
  • Having adequate meanings of transportation is crucial for a Trade city.
  • Trade port can only be constructed in cities with port access.

Trading is one of the big business specializations with its own global leaderboard.


Trade Buildings

Trade Depot

Main article: Trade Depot

Used for basic trading by the regional highway and storage.

Trade HQ

Main article: Trade HQ

Trade Port

Main article: Trade Port

Trade Prices

Coal : § 6000 / 10 Tons

Ore : § 7500 / 10 Tons

Plastic : § 21000 / 10 Tons

Metal : § 31500 / 10 Tons

Alloy : § 42000 / 10 Tons

Crude Oil : § 9000 / 1000 Barrels

Fuel : § 36750 / 1000 Barrels

Processors : § 100500 / 1000 Crates

TVs : § 158125 / 1000 Crates

Computers : § 184375 / 1000 Crates

Trade Depot Trade Depot Storage LotsFreight Truck Garage
Trade HQ Electronics DivisionMetals DivisionPetroleum Division
Trade Port Trade Port Storage LotsDelivery Truck GarageFreight Train TerminalCargo Ship Dock