French Police Station

French Police Station
French Police Station
cost §30,000

upkeep §400 per hour

requirement Town Hall

French City Set DLC

function Reduces crime by capturing criminals

• Jail Cells: 10

• Patrol Cars: 2

• Patrol Rate: every 60 minutes

module French Police Station Sign, French Patrol Car Lot, Jail Cells (Ground Floor), Jail Cells (Top Floor)
extra Origin: France
description Zippy patrol cars respond to crimes in progress and arrest the criminals, after exciting car chases! Police bring arrested criminals to the station to be rehabilitated in jail cells. The Police Station suppresses crime nearby.

French Police Station sends out patrol cars to suppress crime and arrest criminals. Arrested criminals will be placed in the police station's jail and rehabilitated over time. Additional French Patrol Car Lots can be constructed to increase the number of patrol cars on street. Additional jail cells can be constructed to house more criminals.